The first official "Basket Case" ad.
Hand-painted African poster.
This was the first official "Basket Case" ad. Drawn by Frank Henenlotter himself. White paint on Black cardboard.
A one-of-a-kind, hand-painted African poster for video showings. Later adapted for the UK dvd release.
Custom poster by: Lucas Godfrey

Plaza Theatre . 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave. Atlanta GA. 30306. 404.873.1939

After Analysis Films bit the dust, "Basket Case" was re-released in 1985 by a small New Jersey distribution company called Rugged Films who took it out of the Midnight Movie circuit, sent it out to grindhouses, and did quite well with it.It was Roger Grod of Rugged Films who came up with the genius idea of giving out "Free Surgical Masks to Keep the Blood Off Your Face
Basket Case 
Artist: Alex Pardee
Printer: D&L Screenprinting 
Year: 2009 
Class: Cinema 
Status: Official 
Released: 12/1/09 
Run: 100 
Technique: Screen Print 
Markings: Signed & Numbered 

They sell for around $80 on ebay if you can find one.
Rugged Films Advertising and Surgical Mask
UK Poster for Pre Cert VHS Release. Strange link to "The Evil Dead" on the reverse!?
Alamo Draft House Screening poster
Plaza Theatre Screening poster
An invitation to a party celebrating the 2nd anniversary of the films release.  Held for cast, crew and Friends of Basket Case.
Various Advertising from the cinema runs