Leaflet for 2nd year screening at the Waverly - Courtesy of Bob Pardua
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Basket Case Stickers made for the Video Release - Courtesy of Bob Pardua
A one-of-a-kind "Basket Case" denim jacket - Created by Marc Klapper, 1982
The actual buttons are only about an inch wide. We made about a thousand of them to give away. For two weeks, we had a young man standing in front of the Waverly Theater handing buttons out to passersby.Wade prior to handing buttons outside the Waverly.
Basket Case Promotional Badge
Front of the post card that announced the midnight premiere at the Waverly Theater in NY, and the party afterward.
Basket Case Promotional Post Card
A promotional piece. You lift up the overlay and... ...Belial and the title are revealed.

The actual size is only 3-1/4" long, 3" high (with the lid closed) or 4-1/4" with Belial and the title revealed.
Promotional Pop-Up Postcard
Promotional Surgical Mask - To keep the blood off!
French Press Book
Here's the original "Basket Case" one-sheet signed by almost everybody at the "Basket Ball" 2nd year party
Original Signed "Basket Case" one-sheet - Courtesy of Bob Pardua
Complete Set of 10 Spanish Lobby Cards
Complete Set of 16 German Lobby Cards