Fan Art - For those who aren't happy with just watching a film
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Some custom Brain Damage clothing designed and created by  Brian Andrews. Click here to visit his custom clothing site for more of his work.
From Barcelona comes this incredible work in progress. The artist is Mocho aka Progeriattack, working from Siha Tattoo BCN, and the skin belongs to J. Oskura Nájera. As soon as we get more, we'll post 'em!

Belial by Adam Geyer.Brain Damage by Alex Nash. Weekend of Horrors by Amer Ali Shihab. Basket Case by Ash Loydon. Elmer by Brian Andrews. Elmer by Brian Andrews. Frankenhooker by Drew Von Dred. Frankenhooker by Drew Von Dred. FH by Ed Quillin. Frankenhooker by Jeff ZornowElmer by Jessica Koivistoinen. Basket Case by Jose Gabriel Angeles. Frankenhooker by Joshuwalter Sobchak. Frankenhooker by Kevin E. Scott. Elmer by Marc J Palm. Belial by Marc J Palm. Belial by Rick Fusselman. Belial by Sam Arshawsky. Belial by Sara Wahl. Frankenhooker tat by Amber Menta. Belial on street wall in Argentina by anonymous artist. Belial by Monstermatt Patterson.
http://www.hotelbroslin.com/Fanart.htmlElmer by Rebekah Herzberg.Elmer by Jeff BrownBelial by Eric WeberBelial Birthday Greetings by Shaun Smidge.By Kristian Nordestgaard.

A polaroid, touched up with a marker and acrylic paint. Typewritten letters. Decoupage finish. Elmer by Dan Diana. Belial meets Eraserhead by Mauricio Matamoros Duran.Frankenhooker by Phil Meenan and Mike Natarelli.BC tat from Brian Doyle.
By Barry CrawfordGreat nights entertainment by Adam FitzwaterFrankenhooker head by Reuben Splatterbeast. Belial by Lee Trice Frankenhooker by Chris Heady
Most people watch a film and when the it ends they leave it at that . However for some, a particular film will inspire them to show how they feel about that film. Whether it's by buying a T Shirt, drawing a picture, making a model or even starting a website about that film. This is a section dedicated  to all those who carry on thinking about the film long after the credits roll. All Art that is submitted is added to the site, so please get sending now!

Sanae from Japan made this mini Belial from Wool Felt. I want one of these NOW. He can even holds his own against a giant cat:-)
Here's some really unique fan art by artist John Juan. Six stills of the Frankenhooker lab, Jeffrey Franken, and Elizabeth, made up entirely of electronic parts.
Frankenhooker art  is a passion for James Howard. The framed picture contains an lock of hair from the onscreen Wig. James Lorinz and Frank Henenlotter Autograph a life-size Frankenhooker Doll.