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26th July 2011

After weeks of promises the complete script is now available to view on the site. A massive thank you to Frank for all his scanning duties and for sharing it with all of us. A quick reminder that while we can't really stop you creating your own hard copy, if this starts turning up on eBay copyright laws will come into play.

In other news the Basket Case Blu Ray is on it's way in less than 2 months and Arrow Video is releasing Frankenhooker in the u.k. I have a number of releases by Arrow and love what they do.

Finally Frank kindly signed 10 copies of the Region 2 Bad Biology DVD for me and I have them for the bargain price of £14.99 each + £2.99 to cover recorded post to the United Kingdom. This is the British release, so if you are further afield check you can play this if you want one other then just to have a great collectable. Email me for postage costs outside the U.K. Each one is serial numbered and I have sold a couple already.  Click here if interested.



26th April 2011

Brain Damage and Frankenhooker are now complete except for the filming locations pages which are on the way! Basket Case is being redone in the same format as Brain Damage and Frankenhooker. Updates are pretty much on a daily basis even if only a small update at a time.

On my recent trip to New York I hung out with Frank again and had another great time talking films and visiting filming locations.

I have also opened a facebook page for the site which you can visit by clicking on the link above.

Finally i have had a few pin badges/buttons made that I'm hoping will help me get back a little of the hosting fees I pay homestead. I don't want "donations" and I won't have advertising. This is just a little fundraiser that you actually get something for! It is fully endorsed by Frank himself and is a limited run of 100. If they sell well enough I will get  some more badges, not the same design though. It's a one off! How many official collectables exist for Franks films.........exactly!

Each badge is £1.29 + £1.20 for worldwide postage and packing (and paypal fees).

Please email me by clicking here and/or contact me through facebook.

The email address for the site is not the paypal address.



14th March 2011

2 weeks late Frankenhooker has finally launched and i hope that anyone who visits thinks it has been worth the wait. Lots of very cool pictures and a new style that's not a massive change, but makes things neater. This style will filter on down the site in due course.

Anyone who would like to read an article about Frankenhooker can buy the latest issue of Parracinema by clicking here. Thank you to Dylan for sending me 2 copies for using pictures from the site in the magazine.

Anyway I'm going to NY in two days time and i hope to have some great location shots to add to the site when i get back.



15th February 2011

A belated Happy New Year to all the Guests who have visited the Broslin and hopefully taken the time to check out the Brain Damage updates. A massive thank you to Karen Ogle who provided some pretty amazing behind the scenes shots.

I have also noticed a lot of pictures are no longer showing in Basket Case, I will get to work on fixing this as I may have messed up a few links when moving some files around.

Next up is Franks 3rd film Frankenhooker which will be launch on the 28th February. After then I'm heading over to The Big Apple once more, where Frank and myself will be heading down Tribeca to visit (or revisit in Frank's case) some rediscovered Frankenhooker filming locations.

Finally I would like to thank Beverly Bonner (The first lady of Franks films) for getting in touch and anyone who would like to see what Beverly is up to can visit her site or the site for her show.


21st November 2010

Yes I know, I suck at updating the site!

I have added a few more items to the Basket Case Pages and I will be doing some massive updates to the Brain Damage pages. Frank has managed to get hold of a lot of behind the scenes photos he's been after for a number of years. I would also like to thank Adam Skinner who has contributed many photos from his massive Brain Damage memorabilia collection.  By the time you read this message the links page should be open with lots of links to various sites that may be of interest to people who visit this site.

In other news various new release of Frank's films are soon to be released. Here is a list of what to expect.

A Blu-ray of "Basket Case" is due out next October from Image Entertainment.
A Blu-ray of "Bad Biology" is allegedly scheduled for February from Media Blasters.
A remastered DVD of "Basket Case 3" is due out soon from Synapse.

Frank has also recently returned from a Scandinavian tour and met up with one of Belials European descendents.

Cheers .

22nd July 2010

The site continues to move along at a slower then planned pace, however it is still moving . The Brain Damage stills are being added and Frank is hard at work preparing Frankenhooker for inclusion on the site. Another exclusive heading our way is a copy of the original script which includes the original planned name of the Hotel Broslin and lot's of extra dialogue!

I also travelled to New York last month and had the pleasure of hanging out with Frank on a couple of occasions. Apart from eating fast food and talking about films we visited a couple of locations from the films. I also met Belial and lived to see another day! Time mellows us all I guess.


27th April 2010

At long last the site has gone live and I hope anyone who has visited the site in the past will think it is worth the wait. For past few weeks I have been adding a large amount of Frank Henenlotter' personal collection for Basket Case. It features numerous scans that even includes never before seen behind the Scenes shots.

If anyone is looking through the site and can’t see a poster, memorabilia or anything for that matter that the site is missing, please let me know. Your name will be added to any scan received.

The site also features a forum that anyone is invited to join. In fact Frank himself may even answer any questions you have……providing you’re nice that is. This is a fan friendly site and I want people to enjoy visiting.

Please make sure to check back every few day as updates will be happening on a regular basis. Next up Brain Damage!

Finally a big thank you to Frank for all his hard work and patience.

Enjoy your stay.

The staff at Hotel Broslin.

The Sunshine Hotel from Brain Damage.Dr. Kutter's surgery.

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